Metal Panel Printing

Using a range of high quality inks, we are able to print direct onto precision sheet metal panels. Giving our customer an accurate long lasting product.

From CAD drawings:

Our experienced team are able to generate and output accurate and detailed films.  Once ready we were able to expose the film onto the correct mesh screen. Then we are all set to print direct to the precision panels provided.

Understanding our outcome:

The customers logo being highlighted on this project with the use of a spot varnish.  These panels are used both internally and externally.

Working closely together with our client and after a short testing period we completed on time and at a high standard. With a product we knew was right! Each panel the same as the next maintaining continuity through out.

  • CLIENT Jarrobs Engineering
  • YEAR 2017
  • WE DID Bespoke clear varnish print to deep metal panel.
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