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At QPS we receive enquiries and work alongside both print management companies and end users. Both often require differing info and a different approach. As an end user, is it more efficient to work with a management company or print buyer? Or is it more economical and simpler to deal directly with a printer? There

Fabrics, textiles, synthetics – whatever you name for soft signage, printing on fabrics is well and truly here to stay. Following on from our last post on alternatives for museum signage and wayfinding, I decided to put together this guide to help out with all things flexible, stretchable and foldable.     Over the last

Innovative Museum Signage & Wayfinding

Ideas & Inspiration From QPS’ Exhibition Team   Museums are meant to be fun. Wandering from exhibit to exhibit, inspiration around every corner. Buttons to push, switches to flick and levers to pull. The faces of kids lighting up as they work out what goes where and how.     What’s not so much fun