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Every industry has its own product names and many times those brand names become synonomous with the actual product. Like Hoover, Sharpie, Tupperware and Velcro, Correx is another one of those trade marks that became the generic term. Correx, or to give the product its Sunday name – fluted polypropylene – is a twinwall corrugated plastic designed

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Image showing a blog post by QPS Print and tile display boards and how we produce, design and print

All The Info For Specifying & Buying Tile Sample Boards Being based in Stoke-on-Trent in the heart of the potteries, here at QPS Print we often get asked to work alongside ceramic and tile manufacturers. One of those display items that we often use our expertise to print are Tile sample boards or hand boards (every

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QPS Print blog post looking at 30 years of Adobe Illustrator

Looking Back At The Go-To Graphics Software Once upon a time, being a graphic designer was way more of an uphill battle than it is now. Beyond the day to day challenges, arbitrary requests and ambiguous revision directions, having control of how you translated your ideas was chock full of challenges far beyond those found

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