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Step with me around the curtain whilst we take you behind the scenes at QPS… It’s not our style to go on and on about the kit we have. We’d prefer to show you whilst explain some of the reasons (and benefits to you) why we run it. This post looks at UV flatbed printing

Whether you’re the franchisee or franchisor, one of the most important elements of successful company branding is maintaining a consistency across your printed products. From brochures to letterheads, business cards to banner stands, having a uniformity across what is printed is incredibly important. It is your brand after all! Not only does it have to

Your Guide To Making The Most From Your Ferrous Materials Printing on to paper or self-adhesive vinyl is one thing, but there’s a real skillset needed when printing directly on to metal. Any ink on metal has to grab the surface and stay resolutely in place. It needs to be as scratch resistant as possible