Langton Photography

Creativity fuels creativity! and Photographer Andy Langton has it in abundance.


When asked about the versatility of our machines our approach is “lets give it our best shot”.  Andy was after a confident print supplier to showcase and do justice to his work. We worked very closely with Andy to ensure his high regard to quality was achieved.  His ethos to not to conform to the “norm” allowed for some interesting results.  Tasked to print on a myriad of materials supplied out print team relished the opportunity.  Printing to slate, oak, and beaten aluminium gave varying effects, some pushing the visual effect of his photography and some not so… but we tried.  Andy’s exciting attitude to give anything a chance allowed us to be creative, this time not in the artroom but on press.


Our UV direct to substrate print system allows us to be versatile. So supplied with various substrates and an arsenal of high quality photos the got to work. Due to Andy’s understanding of digital we required very little pre-press intervention.

  • CLIENT Langton Photography
  • YEAR 2017
  • WE DID Direct to Substrate Print
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