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Foam PVC – All The Fun With Foamex

Foamex  – A Substrates 101 Guide To Foam PVC Boards & Printing Your business’s sign is one of the most visible communications of your brand. Which is why you need the right material to serve as the base for your message. Foam PVC or foamex is an incredibly versatile substrate for both indoor and outdoor

At QPS we receive enquiries and work alongside both print management companies and end users. Both often require differing info and a different approach. As an end user, is it more efficient to work with a management company or print buyer? Or is it more economical and simpler to deal directly with a printer? There

Fabrics, textiles, synthetics – whatever you name for soft signage, printing on fabrics is well and truly here to stay. Following on from our last post on alternatives for museum signage and wayfinding, I decided to put together this guide to help out with all things flexible, stretchable and foldable.     Over the last

Ideas & Inspiration From QPS’ Exhibition Team   Museums are meant to be fun. Wandering from exhibit to exhibit, inspiration around every corner. Buttons to push, switches to flick and levers to pull. The faces of kids lighting up as they work out what goes where and how.     What’s not so much fun

AKA Rock & Roll-up or The QPS Guide to Roller Banners Pop up banners, roller banners, roll-up banners or cassette banners… Whatever you call them, roller banners are one of the most popular ways to promote your brand and push out your message. From office receptions to motorway service-station entrances, I’ll guarantee printed roller banners

A Designers Guide to Aluminium Composite If you’re just entering the graphic design industry, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the number of print materials out there. The truth is, graphic designers are faced with a lot of options when they’re ready to take their designs to print. And while more options mean more power,

A Tough Paper Product For Internal Graphics I’m always on the lookout for unique products that can be used to complete jobs in a different way or provide a different purpose. When we sat down with 3A Composites and looked at their new DISPA® board, we immediately spotted a display board with a few unique

Making The Most Impact With Your Graphic Design Work   For a graphic designer and their work to really stand out, the quality, look and feel are what matters. Creating a good design means combining various things, such as creativity, style, concept, and so on. However, the end result and how clear you get the

Every industry has its own product names and many times those brand names become synonymous with the actual product. Like Hoover, Sharpie, Tupperware and Velcro, Correx is another one of those trademarks that became the generic term. Correx, or to give the product its Sunday name – fluted polypropylene – is a twinwall corrugated plastic. Its designed

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Image showing a blog post by QPS Print and tile display boards and how we produce, design and print

All The Info For Specifying & Buying Tile Sample Boards Being based in Stoke-on-Trent in the heart of the potteries, here at QPS Print we often get asked to work alongside ceramic and tile manufacturers. One of those display items that we often use our expertise to print are Tile sample boards or hand boards (every

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QPS Print blog post looking at 30 years of Adobe Illustrator

Looking Back At The Go-To Graphics Software Once upon a time, being a graphic designer was way more of an uphill battle than it is now. Beyond the day to day challenges, arbitrary requests and ambiguous revision directions, having control of how you translated your ideas was chock full of challenges far beyond those found

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